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Top 10 Best E-Wallet Casino Malaysia

Did you know? Malaysians made 1.7 billion e-wallet transactions in 2022.

Evidently, the nation is on the fast track to becoming cashless and contactless as financial technologies are quickly changing the norms of how we do business and pay for goods and services.

Some industries are uniquely poised to take advantage of this exciting development. Being virtual, digital, and borderless, online casinos is one of them. This is good news for players everywhere as casinos incorporate the latest in innovative payment methods, including mobile wallets, cryptocurrency, QR codes, peer-to-peer payments, and others that provide excellent alternatives to conventional payment options.

Let us break down why the digital wallet revolution is a godsend for online casino players and let’s take a look at the top e-wallet casino in Malaysia where you can focus on enjoying your favourite games with convenience and peace of mind.

What is an e-wallet casino?

Digital wallets, mobile wallets, electronic wallets; whatever you may call them, how they work is the same. They are mobile applications or software that have your financial details on hand, such as your bank account or card information, so that you don’t need to key them in every time. You can then load credit or money into the app in order to make online purchases or transfers quickly, easily, and most importantly, securely.

Many online casinos now accept e-wallets for players to make deposits or cash out, and this is not limited to Malaysian brands either. International e-wallets are also fast becoming widely available at many virtual casinos, so players can access the entertainment of their choice without leaping through the usual pesky hurdles of moving money across borders.

Why should I choose an e-wallet casino?

E-wallets are making a name for themselves for numerous advantages in making financial transactions, all of which translate well into use at online casinos. These benefits include:

●     Secure & private

E-wallets are underpinned by legitimate financial institutions and infrastructure, such as banks and credit cards. On top of the protection afforded by the e-wallets themselves, such as passwords, two-factor authentication, and data encryption that safeguard your information, such institutions provide additional security. You never have to expose your banking details directly to the casinos or key in personal information into the sites.

●     Convenient & mobile-friendly

You don’t need to own specialised equipment besides your usual mobile devices or to break out your cards and deal with complicated strings of numbers. E-wallets allow you to pay using the same device that you play on while on the go. Most of the time, they are easy to set up and all you need to follow is a simple straightforward step: Scan a QR code. So, mobile and desktop gamers alike will love the accessibility.

The mobile integration of e-wallets with online casinos not only simplifies the process of seamless payments, but also provides notifications, real-time updates, and account management for players to always be in control of their funds.

●     Swift

Unlike certain payment methods such as cards and bank transfers that might have hold periods, processing times, or be unavailable during maintenance, e-wallets are generally speedy. Deposits are often instant and withdrawals can take as little as only 5 minutes, so you can promptly get right into the action.

●     Flexible

Generally, e-wallet casinos accept various forms of payment including conventional ones and a variety of digital wallets. Some sites even have exchanges that allow you to use e-wallets to buy cryptocurrency. So, such casinos are suited for everybody who prefers to have options.

●     No additional fees

Processing fees, transfer fees, renewal fees, overdraft fees, interest etc.; There are usually none of those when you use e-wallets online. So, your entire winnings get deposited into your account without losing money on miscellaneous surcharges.

●     Special bonuses

To incentivize the use of e-wallets, some online casinos offer bonuses expressly for users of this payment method. These may include welcome offers, deposit bonuses, extra free rounds or spins, more reward points etc. Keep an eye out for e-wallet casino promotions to take advantage of these unique bonuses.

What’s the catch?

As advantageous as using e-wallet casino are, some of the benefits are not universal.

  1. Not all casinos support e-wallets. So, don’t assume they are all accepted everywhere. You may be restricting your own options if you solely want e-wallet casino.

  1. Not all casinos accept the same e-wallets. Choose wallet platforms are the most popularly used and well-trusted. Here are a few known ones that are commonly used in Malaysia:

  • Touch ‘n Go

Ubiquitous platform for various purchases and payments

  • DuitNow

Supported by numerous banks and cards

  • GrabPay

Strong security standards

  • Boost

Pioneer in the market

  • Paypal, Google Pay (for Android), Samsung Pay (for Samsung), ApplePay (for Apple), Neteller, Skrill, Alipay, WeChat Pay

Established international leaders (may come with fees for currency exchange and transfer)

  1. Not all promotions are applicable for e-wallets. Some sites do not give the same welcome offer, free credits, or bonuses that are offered for other payment methods.

  1. Not all e-wallet transactions are free. Some sites have additional transaction charges.

Where can I find an e-wallet casino in Malaysia?

Bearing the above pros and cons in mind, here are 10 e-wallet casino that Malaysians flock to:

1. New kid on the block: Atas Casino

●     Accepted e-wallets:

Touch ‘n Go, DuitNow

2. Solid security system: AW8

●     Accepted e-wallets:

EeziePay, Help2Pay

3. Commendable customer service: Betworld88

●     Accepted e-wallets:

Touch ‘n Go, DuitNow

4. Promotions for e-wallet deposits: MB8

●     Accepted e-wallets:

EeziePay, Help2Pay, MBPAY, FastPay

5. Fast payouts: Me88

●     Accepted e-wallets:

Touch ’n Go, GrabPay, BigPay, Wise, Merchantrade Money, GoPayz

6. Range of e-wallets: BK8

●     Accepted e-wallets:

Touch ‘n Go, DuitNow, EeziePay, Help2Pay, PayPal, SurePay

7. E-wallet slots: Nova88

●     Accepted e-wallets:

EeziePay, Help2Pay

8. Boost e-wallet casino: ECLBET

●     Accepted e-wallets:

Touch ‘n Go, GrabPay, Boost, PayNow

9. DuitNow e-wallet casino: Plae8

●     Accepted e-wallets:

DuitNow, Eziepay, Help2pay

10. WeChat Pay e-wallet casino: UEA8

●     Accepted e-wallets:

Touch ‘n Go, GrabPay, Boost, WeChat Pay, AliPay, ShopeePay


These are the best options at your fingertips, so just pick the one most suited for your e-wallet preferences. It goes without saying that as you are looking around for an e-wallet casino to drop your money at, choose ones that are licensed by globally-recognised gaming authorities or regulators, have security certificates, and independent auditors, to truly ramp up the safety factor.

Now, you are all set to immerse yourself in a gaming experience that is hassle-free, user-friendly, mobile-first and all the multi-hyphenate benefits you can imagine!